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Hyatt Farms Intro to AR-15 Training Class

Hyatt Farms Intro to AR-15 Training Class
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Category: Training Classes
  • Sign up for the area's only AR-15 Home Defense course which is designed specifically for civilian use and taught by Hyatt Farms' expert instructors. This course focuses on teaching students how to effectively use an AR-15 for home and personal defense. Classroom and live-fire instruction are both included, making it suitable for students of all experience levels. Learn to verify your zero, accessorize, maintain, and operate your firearm, identifying the importance of round trajectory and mechanical offset for close encounters, while engaging multiple targets.

    This is a five-hour class and students will need the following:

    • AR-15, zeroed at 50 yards, (No AK’s, AR Pistols, or other Sporting Rifles)
    • 300 Rounds of .223 or 5.56 ammunition.
    • Sling (Two-Point preferred)
    • At LEAST three 30-round magazines.
    • Mag pouches if you have them. If not, back pockets will work.
    • Appropriate Range Attire, (Long Pants, Thick Belt, Closed Toe Shoes, Brimmed Hat, Crew Neck Type Shirt, Rain Gear)
    • Ear and Eye Protection.
    • Water/ Hydrating Beverage

    All items you need for this class are available for sale at our onsite Pro Shop. We also have food and beverages for sale in the Hyatt Farms Grille and the Pro Shop.