What is Sporting Clays?

Are you interested in Sporting Clays and don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Sporting clays is a fun and exciting sport and we urge you try it. Once you break that first clay, we’re certain you’ll get hooked!

A little history…
Sporting clays marks its beginning as the quintessential “Sport of Kings.” Clays were meant to represent prey animals, and the royalty used the sport to hone their hunting skills. Today, it has morphed into a sport that many refer to as “Golf with Shotguns,” and that is a fair description.

What is Sporting Clays?
Sporting clays is held on a course with several stations equipped with clay throwers that challenge your hand-eye coordination and your ability to pick up a target quickly. Your ability to break clays when thrown is then scored and the most clays broken wins. We have two courses that represent different disciplines of hunting: Woods and Field.

Traditionally, Sporting Clays shooters use over/under shotguns with barrels of 30 inches or longer, though semi-autos, side by sides, and even pump shotguns can be utilized. Other than ammunition, regular shooting protective gear is required, including ear and eye protection. A vest with a recoil pad is also recommended, as is a shell bag. Don’t know where to start with equipment? Our Retail Store has everything you need, including rental guns. Plus, our professional staff will give you the inside track to getting the right gear the first time, saving you time and money.

How do I get started?
We recommend you take our Intro to Sporting Clays class. These classes are held on our Field Course and are scheduled specifically for you. Click here for more information.