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Hyatt Farms Intro to AR-15 Training Class

America's Rifle: Hyatt Farms Intro to AR-15 Training Class
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Category: Training Classes
  • Familiarize yourself with your AR-15 whether it's old or new! Learn basic marksmanship, operation of the weapon, how to clear malfunctions, and practical drills for the modern carbine. We will also teach a brief history, mechanical overview, and basic cleaning of the AR-15 platform. Completion of this class will leave you with solid fundamentals and allow you to take more advanced classes at Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex. 


    Required equipment:

    • AR-15 with sights and/or functional optic
    • 200 rounds of ammo, sling
    • Four 30-round magazines
    • Eye and ear protection
    • Proper clothing including closed toed shoes

    All required items for this class are available for sale in the Hyatt Shooting Complex Pro Shop.


    Participants of this class can save $100 off an Annual Pistol and Rifle Membership. Lunch and snacks will be available at the Clubhouse Grille before and after class.


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