Hyatt Farms Rifleman 1: Close Quarters Carbine Class

Hyatt Farms Rifleman 1: Close Quarters Carbine Class
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  • This four-hour course is designed to lay the foundation of a competent rifleman. Students should expect to learn safe handling, setup, maintenance, and operation of a defensive-focused carbine. Students will learn to employ aggressive engagement strategies from 0-50 yards in a variety of firing positions. Marksmanship fundamentals will be focused on close range speed and accuracy. No rifle, no problem! All recommended equipment is available for sale or rent at our Pro Shop. There is no pre-requisite for the class.

    About the Instructor

    As a currently serving Marksmanship Master Trainer for the US Army, Brad has almost two decades of experience as an Infantryman, Senior Drill Sergeant, Combatives Instructor, and Team Captain at the Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit.  

    Course Requirements

    • Reliable, semi-automatic rifle, carbine, or pistol caliber carbine. (AR-15, AK-47/74, SCAR, FAL, MCX/MPX or similar platform.
    • At least three magazines with carriers (mag pouches on belt, chest rig, or plate carrier).
    • Two-point adjustable sling
    • 250 rounds of ammunition.
    • 1x magnification Red Dot or Holographic sight. (EOTECH, Aimpoint, Holosun, or similar).
    • Appropriate clothing for the weather forecast. The primary shooting area is covered. We recommend long pants for kneeling and prone shooting. Closed-toe shoes are required.

    NOTE: While it is possible to complete this course with a magnified optic or iron sights, this course is structured around the use of red dot or holographic style sights for aggressive target-focused shooting. 

    Space is Limited, so reserve your spot today! Please note this is a NON-REFUNDABLE Payment, though we can always reschedule.

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