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Hyatt Farms Intro to Precision Rifle Shooting Class


Hyatt Farms Intro to Precision Rifle Shooting Training Class

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Category: Training Classes
  • This eight-hour course designed to teach students how to get first-round hits from 300-600 yards in a variety of shooting positions. We will cover principles and concepts that will give the student a greater understanding of the “why.” We will cover formulas, principles, rifle setup, equipment selection, and precision rifle marksmanship fundamentals. Students will be able to range, develop a firing solution, and get a first-round hits out to 600 yds (within the capability of your rifle and caliber). No rifle, no problem! All recommended equipment is available for sale or rent at the Pro Shop.

    About the Instructor
    As a currently serving Marksmanship Master Trainer for the US Army, Brad has almost two decades of experience as an Infantryman, Senior Drill Sergeant, Combatives Instructor, and Team Captain at the Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit.
    Course Requirements:
    • Rifle (bolt action or semi-automatic) capable of 2 MOA (less than two-inch group at 100 yards) accuracy. Please arrive with your rifle zeroed at 100 yards if possible.
    • Optic of at least 6x magnification. Long range MRAD or MOA “Christmas-tree” style reticle preferred (examples: Horus Tremor 3, Nightforce Mil-XT). BDC-style reticles are discouraged.
    • Bipod: Harris and Atlas are the industry standards. Magpul bipods are not recommended.
    • 200 rounds of the same match ammunition. Our recommended factory ammo is Hornady ELD series or Sierra Match King. Rifles chambered in .223/5.56 match ammunition of at least 69 grain.
    • Appropriate clothing for the weather forecast. The primary shooting area is covered. We recommend long pants for kneeling and prone shooting. Closed-toe shoes are required.
    • Shooting bags
    • Notebook or index cards
    Equipment for Rent (First come, first served. Prior Coordination is highly recommended):
    • Bolt Action and Semi-automatic Rifles
    • Shooting Bags
    • Range Finder
    • Spotting Scope
    • Kestrel 5700 Elite

    Space is Limited, so reserve your spot today! Please note this is a NON-REFUNDABLE Payment, though we can always reschedule.